NORKS was created to not only solve a common issue of being able to find a comfortable and supportive sports bra, but also raise awareness of breast health and women's health in general.

After many years in the fitness industry, Claire came up with idea of supporting awareness campaigns around women's health and giving something back through creating a product that identified in some way with every woman out there. With the support and expertise of Amy and Katie, they collectively designed 3 fantastic sports bras which really took in to account the vast breast issues that women experience. 

From mastectomy to enhancement, to no NORKS, breast feeding mums and pretty much anything in between, NORKS have been created for YOU!

It was really important to the business that this product was made by women and supported small UK based companies to ensure an ethical supply chain and giving back to our economy. Each bra is handmade after your order by a team of women at Aim Athleisure. NORKS bras are 100% British from the fabric mill to the packaging

“When they go low, we go high.”

Michelle Obama



To support women and raise awareness of women's health through a range of custom products created by women.



​One of the biggest barriers to women exercising is a good quality sports bra. By working with women to understand the different concerns and factors which come with breast health, Norks will become the first purpose build product range taking specific factors in to account such as breast feeding mums, post surgery, enhancers and prosthesis 

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